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Company Support Phone Number English Web Site
3dfx 1-800-234-4334 www.3dfx.com
3Com Corporation   www.3com.com
Adaptec   www.adaptec.com
Aldelo Systems Inc. 1-209-338-5482 www.aldelo.com
Alps Electric, USA   www.alpsusa.com
Altec Lansing   www.altecmm.com
AMD   www.amd.com
Antec, Inc.   www.antec.com
AOC   www.aoctech.com
ATI Technologies   www.ati.com
Canon, U.S.A., Inc.   www.usa.canon.com
Cherry Keyboard 1-800-510-1689 www.cherrycorp.com
Corel   www.corel.com
Creative Labs   www.creative.com
Crucial Technology   www.crucial.com
Diamond Multimedia   www.diamondmm.com
Enlight Corp.   www.enlightcorp.com
Epson   www.epson.com
ESS Technology, Inc.   www.esstech.com
Enlight Corporation   www.enlightcorp.com
Free Technologies   www.freetech.com
Hewlett-Packard   www.hp.com
Hitachi America, Ltd.   www.hitachi.com
HP Colorado Tape Backup   www.hp.com/tape/colorado
Impression Products, Inc.   www.impression-brand.com
Intel   www.intel.com
Iomega   www.iomega.com
Kingston Technology   www.kingston.com
Maxtor   www.maxtor.com
Matrox/ Matrox (MURC)   www.matrox.com
Micronics Computers, Inc.
Now supported by Diamond
Microsoft Corporation   www.microsoft.com
MSI   www.msicomputer.com
Microtek   www.microtek.com
Mitsumi   www.mitsumi.com
Nec   www.nec.com
NMB Technologies, Inc.   www.nmbtech.com
NVIDIA   www.nvidia.com
Panasonic   www.panasonic.com
Pinnacle Systems   www.pinnaclesys.com
POS-X Inc. 1-800-790-8657 x5 www.pos-x.com
Plextor   www.plextor.com
PPI (Payment Processing Incorporated) 1-866-268-1503 www.paypros.com
QLogic Corporation   www.qlc.com
Quantum   www.quantum.com
Quantum3D   www.quantum3d.com
Samsung   www.samsung.com
Seagate   www.seagate.com
Sony   www.sony.com
Symantec   www.symantec.com
TEAC Worldwide   www.teac.com
Toshiba America, Inc.   www.toshiba.com
Trident   www.tridentmicro.com
Tyan Tech Support (510) 440-8808
M-F 8am - 4pm Pacific Time
USRobotics   www.usr.com
UMAX   www.umax.com
Western Digital   www.wdc.com
Yamaha   www.yamaha.com
Zebra Technologies 1-847-913-2259 www.zebra.com
Zoom Telephonics   www.zoomtel.com